Always wondered if you could know everything about anyone just by looking at their signature?

Here is a complete course on Signature Analysis you were looking for.

Signature analysis is a branch of handwriting analysis, used by a graphologist to examine an individual's signature in relation to the overall handwriting to understand his public personality. For example, a signature leaning to the right shows that the writer is a friendly person who loves to reach out to people.

In this course you will learn Gestalt, Trait & Anatomy of the signature. Upon completing the course you will be a able to analyse any kind of signature irrespective of the language and content of the signature.

This is a complete course in itself. You need not study any other material on signature analysis after going through this course.

Have a look at the curriculum before you enroll just to know that it includes everything that you need to know about signatures so that you can confidently understand anyone's personality from signature.

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